Bereavement doula Services

If you are experiencing pregnancy loss or a troubling diagnosis during your pregnancy, I am so sorry. Please know that you are not alone. As a Stillbirthday certified doula, CD(SBD), I come alongside you. I meet you where you are with your loss, to help guide you through the unknown, so that you can say both hello and goodbye to your baby in a safe space built around your needs. 

I provide emotional, physical, and informational support through all of the difficult choices that need to be made. I will help you process your story, and your baby's story, so that you are supported and empowered to start your path towards healing. 

Bereavement doula services include visits before the birth of your baby to provide information and meet you where you are in your journey, support during your birth, and visits after the birth to continue to support you where & when you need it most. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX
Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

Love offering

Families needing bereavement support will only be charged whatever they are able to pay, as a donation, to Mama Fox Doula. I also accept love offerings from family and friends. If you have family and friends who would like to make to make a love offering in your baby's name, then please have them contact me to make arrangements.