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Mama Fox Doula Austin Texas New Dad

Bear hugs for the doula after baby Lily June was born. Papa bear is a good friend of mine - I'm so honored I got to share the birth story with this wonderful family!

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"As a first time mom I felt so informed with Julie. If it were just me and the doctor, I think it would have been a lot scarier for me. The prenatal exercises she walked me through made me feel more ready for birth. And the delivery room was a lot more comfortable with her in it." Ashley S. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Sibling Doula Home Birth Doula Birth Photography

"a very attentive and amazing partner in crime." makani c. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"Her constant support throughout was phenomenal and I couldn't imagine this experience without her. My birth went so much better than I could have imagined. I love Julie's style of communication, respect, and confidence." Sherrie N.

VBAC Natural Hospital Birth Mama Fox Dola Support

"Julie has been the most amazing doula we could have asked for. It's bittersweet that this is our last baby, as my last delivery experience was magical. With all her guidance, my delivery was the perfect ending to my last pregnancy. I could close that chapter in my motherhood book proud of having a painless, beautiful, non-medicated birth experience. All three of my deliveries were wonderful, but this one with a doula was the most magical." Jennifer R.

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"We are so lucky to have found Julie! She helped me prepare not only for the birth of our first daughter, but also prepared us for our first days at home with a newborn. Her calm and loving presence was on par with her professionalism and great communication. We felt fortunate to have Julie's support once we brought our daughter home - her post-partum visits were so invaluable! I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a doula!" Catherine A. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"Not only is she an incredible doula, but an amazing person all around. Julie moved our hearts and led me to find an inner strength i never knew i had. i truly believe she is the reason i had an immensely empowering birth experience. it was an honor to have julie attend our birth and we are forever grateful." Jennifer h. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Birth Photography

"Julie was absolutely wonderful! From coming to my house to help me though contractions at 3 am to bringing my husband dinner at 10 pm in the hospital after a very long day, there is nothing else we could have asked for. Her support and attentiveness throughout my [long, painful] labor was amazing. My husband was hesitant when I first wanted to hire a doula, but he now encourages it to other soon to be fathers. Compared to other doulas I was considering, Julie had been through the fewest births, but the passion and expertise she brought made us feel like she had been doing it forever." Sarah H. 

"I honestly don't know how I'd have done it without Julie. She was a great support to myself and my husband. Our birth was very different than how we'd hope it would go, and I'm so thankful she was there to support us. " Ashley L. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Baby Birth Photograhy
Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Catchin Up with Baby!

For references and to schedule a free consultation, send me a shout out through my contact form! You can also see more reviews of my services on Doula Match and Facebook.

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX
Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"Julie was integral in our birth experience. She provided the emotional and physical support that I needed and when I needed it without me having to communicate it, which I was unable to do. My birth experience was very long and she was by my side the entire time. Her voice and words were encouraging and sweet. Some people have a knack and passion for this area, and she is definitely one of them. I will always remember them fondly when I was in pain, but soothed by her kind and encouraging words. I don’t know how to thank her enough for your presence and hard work for my birth. Looking forward to the next one!" Jessica C. 


Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"I could not have hoped for a better experience!" Lacey P. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"Having Julie be our doula was one of the best decisions we made for my pregnancy. She kept me calm and in control even when things didn't go as planned. She has a gentleness and kindness to her that put us all at ease. I am so thankful to have had her as part the experience of our little man's birth." Ashley R.

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Logan Fahey Photography

"As first time parents, my husaband and I don't know how we would have made it through my pregnancy and the birth of our son without Julie. Julie was always there for me during my pregnancy if I needed to talk, had questions or just needed someone to listen. We feel that she prepared us to take on any curveball that was thrown at us during the birth (and trust me, there were some!). Julie helped make me feel comfortable during labor and held my hand through the rough parts. She was by our side the entire time at the hospital which was a 16 hour hospital labor and 4 hours of pushing! She is a truly encouraging, inspiring and all around amazing person. We now think of Julie as part of our family!" Logan F. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin TX Birth Center Supprt

"There's nothing that can adequately prepare someone for giving birth the first time (unless they just get lucky and their body deals with it smoothly), but having a good doula is as close as it gets, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with Julie. She was a calming, informative, positive presence in our prenatal visits, during the birth, and in postnatal visits as well. She's a great resource and a tireless force in the community for birthing education/support." Meredith O. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX VBAC Support

"Julie has a confident yet calming presence. Her knowledge and background in science combined with her personal warmth really eased my fears about attempting a VBAC. I had an amazing birth experience this time around and I strongly believe it due to having Julie on my team. She truly has a gift." Sarah M. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX Family Centered Cesarean Support

"We had a really rough delivery after planning for an all natural one and Julie was instrumental in helping us through not only the labor but the emotional toll it took on us afterwards. I honestly don't think I'd have bounced back as quickly emotionally if it weren't for Julie's support and loving words for my hubby and I. I can't imagine doing this without her." Melissa B. 

"Julie was an excellent doula! She was professional and quick with communication. I felt like Julie was balanced and evidence-based. She helped my husband and I, who were first time parents, feel informed and prepared ( prepared as you can be) for labor. I had a high risk pregnancy and had to have surgical procedures while pregnant, and Julie was so supportive through it all. For the actual labor, my husband and I have no idea how we could have gotten through it without her. She was so gentle and thoughtful throughout the whole (long!) process. Julie truly has a gift!" Olivia K. 

Julie Le Mama Fox Doula Austin, TX

"Julie's support meant the world to me and my partner. Thank you for all the knowledge, love, and kindness you brought to our birthing experience." Julie H. 

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