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Lean Into the Suck

Some people get the impression that I'm a robot-doula. While I'm really proud of what I've accomplished in science, what I'm most proud of is toughing out a subject that doesn't come naturally to me. My passion pulls me more towards working one-on-one with people and families; to explore new dynamics in different relationships and how that helps piece together your wholeness.

When we agree to work together, you get someone who yes, understands the research but, you're also getting someone who isn't afraid to ask you the tough questions that need to be asked before starting birth and parenthood. Asking tough questions based on my observations is what I learned as a scientist. Guiding you to your own answers to those questions (holding space) is what I learned as a doula. Unfortunately, I can't define or measure your truth with units and analyze the data.

Birth is more than physiology, data, numbers, and measurable stages. It's spiritual and emotional. It's raw and messy. It's vulnerability on all levels.

Exploring and presenting all of these aspects of birth is what a doula does. In our mission to show families these different aspects of birth, it often requires us all to lean into the suck. To let our vulnerabilities show to the people on your team and allow growth. To know that your team will hold space for you to explore your vulnerability.

I'm grateful for all of the families I've worked with that allowed me to sit with them during the discomforts (physical and emotional) of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum. Who took on challenges and channeled the 'ick' as opportunities for learning more about themselves. Who were vulnerable with me and let me show my own vulnerabilities too.

We've grown together and I'm full of gratitude for sharing this journey with you.

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